Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Charlie Rose with Anna Marie Cox of Wonkette, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan of, and Joe Trippi of BlogforAmerica

If the 80's was the PC decade and the 90's was the decade of the Internet, then can we call this decade (What do we call this the 00's?) the decade of Blogs? If after the Me Generation came Gen X followed by Gen Y, then will, the next be Gen Blog. I just finished watching the Charlie Rose that aired last night. It was a very interesting conversation.

Some highlights:

"There's people power and nerd power, the blogosphere harnesses nerd power."
Andrew Sullivan
"If they're lucky Glenn will say HEH"
Andrew Sullivan

"People need to yell at the TV, you can hear them now."
Glenn Reynolds

I got the impression that there is some tension between Wonkette Anne Marie Cox and Andrew Sullivan. I'm not sure of the order of this but she mentioned that she is paid by a company to blog about certain topics; her title was shown as Editor Wonkette. However, Sullivan mentioned at another point that once there is an editor the publication ceases to be a blog. If there was tension it was completely gone by the end of the discussion.

I really enjoyed the show!

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