Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Carnival of Education #2 is up

Check it out... Tell them Dave at AZ Perspective sent you! My post is here.
There are a number of different carnivals (For a comprehensive list, please click here .) already out there in the 'Sphere. Here is the second edition of The Carnival Of Education . What we have done is assemble a variety of interesting and informative posts from around the EduSphere (and a few from the Larger 'Sphere) that have been submitted by various authors and readers. We think that they represent a great variety of topics and writing styles. A word or two about the order in which the entries are presented. Those that were submitted by the writers themselves have been placed in the order in which they were received. Most of the reader submitted posts were posted the same way. The exception is where two or more writers address the same topic; we then juxtaposed them. It has been our pleasure to correspond with a number of writers and readers that care deeply about education. We have tentatively planned to host the Carnival on a weekly basis, but we are looking forward to other sites hosting sometime in the future. To see the First Edition of The Carnival, please click here. Submissions for next week's Carnival Of Education Week #3 should be sent to: owlshome [at] and should be received no later than 10:00 PM (Pacific) next Tuesday, February 22, 2005. For full details, click here . Our objective is to open The Carnival each Wednesday morning. A special thanks to all the sites that helped "get the word out" about The Carnival. Of course, any help that may be given in "spreading the word" about this edition will be deeply appreciated. We heartily welcome all feedback, including, (but not limited to) comments, questions, concerns, or constructive criticism. Now....Let's go on some more rides...... [The Education Wonks]

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