Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Around Arizona... what other Arizona Bloggers are Blogging.

Angry Dinosaur [Is debating Blog for Arizona on Ward Churchill... The nutty professor in Colorado] I recently read a post at Blog For Arizona about the resignation of Ward Churchill, the post is here . angrykeyboarder [Interesting link... Funny too!] OMG. This is hysterical! Anil's Doublespeak [This looks really cool.] absolutely brilliant tattoos bblog [The oldest Palm Pilot...] The Virtues of Paper Burning in the Desert [This has some scary information.] Crazy Days at the Airport Chris Veck's World [Advice for parents] Parents, never give two boys a 3-in-1 table. Coyote Blog [Eminent Domain, an issue I like to follow] I criticized the use of eminent domain to advance private commercial interests fighting vainly the old ennui ["HOW OLD CARY GRANT?"] "OLD CARY GRANT FINE, HOW YOU?" I just don't get it [A humorus look at Reality TV] Television... Entertainment for the muddled masses Snozzberries [Ever had this problem?] I need a rearview mirror on my monitor Vox [I've never heard of these holidays...] This week has some interesting holidays: What the junk? [Debunking the Napster Super Bowl ad.] Napster to Go

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