Friday, March 04, 2005

This is such an excellent post...

I've said before that Pure Land Mountain is an awsome blog, this proves it...


Last weekend, along our serendipitous wanderings (serendipity in fact being the main point of such excursions) in search - as herein chronicled earlier - of the renowned pond that as near as we could tell is nowhere near its location, we stopped at a local sake brewery up the road a ways in "Irish village," as it is called - for its puzzling rural Japanese village love of Ireland and the presence of a delightful "Gulliver's Village" up there in the low hills.

One day I will get to the bottom of why it is called Irish Village - I have to find the pond first - so many things on that loooong list - but to my present point: as we meandered down the narrow village road I saw a sugidama (sugi: cedar; dama: ball) hung outside the door of a local sake brewery I hadn't noticed before....[Pure Land Mountain]

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