Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Apparently, the problems solutions may be caught up in politics elsewhere...

I've spent the last 40 minutes looking for an article related to a report on the news tonight, I couldn't find it. Basically they showed a comparison of budget allocation from Homeland Defense to various states... The troubling thing was that Missouri gets more than twice what Arizona is getting. What is there in Missouri that requires more funding then the most porous piece of boarder with Mexico?


NEW HAVEN, Conn. - A British computer specialist tried to set up a terrorist training camp in Arizona, where he met with Islamic radicals who claimed ties to Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), a government attorney alleged Wednesday.

Babar Ahmad, who is being held in London on charges he ran terrorist fund-raising Web sites, met in Phoenix in 1998 with Yaser Al Jhani, a member of the Islamic mujahedeen militia, and others who claimed to have access to bin Laden, said John Hardy, a British lawyer representing the U.S. government.

"He expressed an interest in developing a training system in Arizona," Hardy told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from London. "That is, a training system, in effect for the mujahedeen to visit and train to fight abroad."

Apparently, there are a lot of problems in Arizona.


I'll keep looking for the article and update if I find it.

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