Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I love getting comments like this one!

This was from the Taco Tangle recipe
We made these for lunch today and everyone loved them! I even found the El Pato sauce at the grocery store here in Georgia. Thanks for a quick, easy, and very tasty recipe. [Comments for drublin00 -]


Anonymous said...

Dave. I'm trying desperately to find a recipe for taco tangles that we use to eat at the A&W Rootbeer stand in Winslow, AZ
Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

My best results have been to combine 1 small can of El Pato sauce with 1.5 pounds of ground beef in a sauce pan and season with garlic salt and pepper.

Mix completely (I use a potato masher) to incorporate the liquid into the meat (this gives it the right texture) and simmer siring occasionally until completely cooked.

You'll want to cook off enough of the liquid so that it is not too runny. I make a well in the center of the pan and let the liquid come out of the meat and fill it, when it's only a half to three fourths of an inch deep then it's done. This can take a long time (1 to 2 hours) depending on the diameter of the pan and how much you are cooking at a time.

My last batch was a three pound tube of ground chuck and 2 cans of sauce... it took 2 hours to cook it down to the right amount of liquid. Of course if you remember right the real thing is pretty runny.

I should point out that I've see the recipe as 1 can sauce to 5 pound of meat with the addition of a cup of water, to me this isn't spicy enough. Good Luck! -Dave